Building on a tradition of casting experience we offer cast metal services for original equipment manufacturers and businesses both small and large. We provide exceptional service and communication to provide the best quality and value in all casting products.

We specialize in casting gold, silver, copper, brass and pewter, but deal in a range of other elemental metals and alloys offering a range of services that include sand, investment and die casting. We work with clients to determine product goals and suggest the best materials and methods for achieving the most economical solution without sacrificing quality or performance.

We do our best to determine all client needs to ensure effective planning and cooperation. Our professionalism and attention to detail allows us to develop clear and transparent workflows to deliver precision products within a clear timeframe:

  • Planning: We look at all parameters to account for all costs and design specifications.
  • Material selection and sourcing: We look at a range of options to ensure selected materials suit ideal performance and budgeting goals.
  • Pattern development: Precision product designs require accurate templates to work from. Strategic pattern development takes into account product specifications and quantities required.
  • Prototyping: We send initial product samples to ensure satisfaction before moving to formal production.
  • Production: We take care of all manufacturing logistics.
  • Heat treatment: Our production services include a range of heat treatments for performance-specific applications. Treatments include tempering, annealing, case hardening, precipitation strengthening and quenching.
  • Secondary processing: Additional processing may include machining, coatings and/or assembly.
  • Packaging: Products are prepared and packaged to account for transport and storage.
  • Shipping and warehousing: We arrange delivery to a specified location. Warehousing services is also available.
  • Import logistics: We take into account all costs and associated risks when arranging cross-border shipping.
  • Quality assurance: We establish onsite manufacturing standards and conduct our own quality assurance methods to ensure accurate specifications.

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