MMK-MEGA 24/7 P.I.D controlled Electric Kiln with Upside-Down Mechanism 1150°C / 2102°F

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Electric Upside-Down Kiln MMK-MEGA is a professional high quality, energy-efficient, domestic 13 amp or 3 phase on request, P.I.D controlled kiln with Upside-Down Mechanism and the special system that will allow you to use it on required temperatures 24 hours per 7 without any need to stop, well, unless you would want to.
This kiln is ideal choice for melting down high volume malleable metals such as aluminium, pewter, lead, bronze, copper, brass silver, gold etc.

You can melt down in one go

TIN 6300 gram
SILVER 9000 gram
LEAD 9800 gram
IRON 6800 gram
GOLD 16700 gram
COPPER 7750 gram
 ALUMINIUM 2300 gram

How MMK-MEGA works ? This kiln will not stay at the settled temperature for hours, even in case you would completely forget about it. After reaching the settled temperature it will then soak this temperature 10–15 minutes with alarm being on and then automatically will start to cool down 200-250 degree Celsius, then automatically start heating up to the settled temperature again, and so on. Due to this safety feature there will be no damage to the heating elements during the firing at the top temperatures, apart from that it will also allow you to do your work without any need of re-heating your kiln from room temperature all over again.

MMK-MEGA 1150°C Kiln is equipped with 32 time/temperature segments on 2-line programmable temperature controller or wi-fi touch screen (on request) that will allow you to automatically reach, hold (soak) and change up to 32 temperature/time points (for regulating the heating and cooling speed)


– Brand: Technical Supermarket (London);
– Upside-down Type Melting Kiln;
– Model Name (SKU): “MMK-MEGA”;
– Casting Type: Upside-down;
– Power: 1650 Watt 13 amp sing phase;
– CE, UKCA, FCC, ISO:9001 Certified;
– Maximum heating temperature:1150°C (2102°F);– Continuously Working Time: 24/7;– Heating Element Protection System – Yes;
– Power Cable: 1.5 Meter;
– One Year – Standard Manufacturer Warranty;


– Kiln – L 820mm; W 600mm; H 630mm;
– Graphite crucible 225mm 9″Hight and 70mm 3″ ⌀diameter;
– Weight 25kg (30kg in a wooden box);

WHY YOU MAY WANT TO BUY OUR PRODUCT (Double door Electric Kiln)

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Delivery specification:
– “MMK-MEGA” model upside-down metal melting kiln with P.I.D controller
– Graphite crucible 225mm 9″Hight and 70mm 3″ ⌀diameter
– Downloadable User Manual/s on this kiln;
– One years standard manufacturer warranty;
– One year free online technical-programming support on WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 820 × 600 × 630 mm


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